The Dangerous Journey Seminar

Much of evangelical Christianity has lost its roots! John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress can help us return to the good paths. A Seminar on The Pilgrim’s Progress will bring us back to biblical essentials!

It is important to understand…
The Pilgrim’s Progress was primarily written for adults. Seminar participants soon appreciate that Bunyan is addressing adult problems including carnality, depression, immorality, suicide, etc., by means of substantial Bible teaching.

Four misunderstandings about The Pilgrim’s Progress:

  • The Pilgrim’s Progress was not intended for scholarly stimulation, even though it gives helpful insight into the English Puritanism of Bunyan’s time.
  • The Pilgrim’s Progress is not simply an evangelistic tract since its main emphasis is on Christian spiritual growth.
  • The Pilgrim’s Progress was not primarily designed for children, though they are quickly attracted to its style and can easily benefit from its teaching.
  • The Pilgrim’s Progress is not a non-doctrinal moral novel, but rather a mini theology of biblical Christianity.

Four essential teachings in The Pilgrim’s Progress:

  • The gospel of the sinner’s only hope, the substitute righteousness of Jesus Christ received through faith alone.
  • The progressive sanctification of the saved sinner, as he traverses a wilderness world, that results in gradual spiritual maturity.
  • The faithful local church, under godly leadership, as the Christian pilgrim’s earthly refuge.
  • The stimulant to perseverance of repeated vistas of the Celestial City with the hope of being with Christ in glory.

Comments on past  Seminars:

“Every man who trains for the Christian ministry, whether at seminary or Bible college, should learn of Bunyan’s biblical teaching and pastoral emphases in The Pilgrim’s Progress.”– an Australian pastor

“Being an adult seminar, we offered videos as an alternative to younger teens. However several preferred to attend the seminar right through since the illustrations in the Study Manual were found to be so helpful.” – a New Zealand pastor

“My wife left me two weeks ago, but this seminar teaching has been more helpful to me than all of the counseling received to date.”– a New York participant

“Seeing we have time on our hands, could we have an extra [9th] seminar session this afternoon?”– a camp leader request

“I came to the first seminar session with little interest, but then attended all of the eight sessions with new enthusiasm.”– an Australian doctor

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