A Comprehensive Outlined Commentary on The Pilgrim’s Progress

This is a comprehensive commentary on The Pilgrim’s Progress that is based upon the ourline contained in the Outlined Study Manual that Dr. Horner uses in his seminar ministry.

While the basic format is now complete, there is considerable editing that has yet to be accomplished. Copying for personal and individual use is encouraged. However the distribution or publication of copies, whether sold or not, is strictly prohibited. If there are any questions in this regard, please contact the author.

Title, Contents, and Chronology

Introduction to Pilgrim’s Progress

The Author’s Apology

Ch. 1 Christian flees from the City of Destruction

Ch. 2 Christian is pursued by Obstinate and Pliable

Ch. 3 Christian and Pliable converse along the way

Ch. 4 Christian and Pliable at the Slough of Despond

Ch. 5 Christian encounters Mr. Worldly-Wiseman

Ch. 6 Christian seeks after the Town of Morality

Ch. 7 Christian arrives at the Wicket-gate

Ch. 8 Christian is instructed at the House of Interpreter

Ch. 9 Christian arives at the Place of Deliverance

Ch. 10 Christian overtakes Simple, Sloth, and Presumption

Ch. 11 Christian converses with Formalist and Hypocrisy

Ch. 12 Christian ascends the Hill Difficulty

Ch. 13 Christian is approached by Timorous and Mistrust

Ch. 14 Christian meets lion-sized opposition

Ch. 15 Christian resides at the Palace Beautiful

Ch. 16 Christian enters into battle with Apollyon

Ch. 17 Christian confronts the Valley of the Shadow of Death

Ch. 18 Christian overtakes and converses with Faithful

Ch. 19 Christian and Faithful converse with Talkative

Ch. 20 Evangelist reappears to give timely warning

Ch. 21 Christian and Faithful on trial at Vanity Fair

Ch. 22 Christian and Hopeful converse with By-ends

Ch. 23 The silver mine at the hill Lucre

Ch. 24 The monument to Lot’s wife

Ch. 25 Christian and Hopeful are captured by Giant Despair

Ch. 26 Christian and Hopeful at the Delectable Mountains

Ch. 27 Christian and Hopeful first encounter Ignorance

Ch. 28 The terrifying end of Turn-away

Ch. 29 The colorless testimony of Little-faith

Ch. 30 Christian and Hopeful are snared by the Flatterer

Ch. 31 Christian and Hopeful meet returning Atheist

Ch. 32 Christian and Hopeful cross the Enchanted Ground

Ch. 33 The comforting delights of Beulah Land

Ch. 34 Christian and Hopeful encounter the River of Death

Ch. 35 Christian and Hopeful are welcomed into Heaven

Ch. 36 The fearful end of Ignorance

Ch. 37 Conclusion