Judeo-centric Eschatology – An ethical challenge to Reformed Theology

Eschatology, or end time events, is a biblical subject that rightly should occupy the serious study of any Christian. Of course such a pursuit is fraught with many a dangerous reef or rip tide. It is granted that the return of Jesus Christ is the great focal point of the end of this age, hence all the three main prophetic schools of amillennialism, postmillennialism, and premillennialism, are grounded upon that glorious climactic future appearance in world history. Furthermore the interpretation of Revelation 20:1-10 is also significant in this regard because of its “six-fold” emphasis upon a “thousand year” reign of the Son of God, especially in the light of the context of Revelation 19. However, while these passages in the Word of God are of great importance, yet this writer is convinced that, notwithstanding his premillennial convictions, the even more important matter that coalesces with the return of Jesus Christ concerns Israel and the Jewish people, and not preeminently the subject of the millennium. Mind you, it is also this writer’s conviction that, given a right understanding of Israel in relation to the Christian church, a premillennial eschatology will result that incorporates Revelation 20.

To begin with, the reader is encouraged to read some of the appendices since they will provide a broad appreciation of the major thrust of this work. In particular, the Annotated Bibliography should be consulted with a view to obtaining some historical perspective of the relationship between Israel and the Church.

00 Introduction

01 Israel – A Challenge to Reformed Eschatology

02 Israel – Representations of Reformed Eschatology

03 Israel – The Shameful Treatment in Church History

04 Israel – A Contemporary Expression of Theological Ant-Semitism

05 Israel – The Relationship to Premillennialism

06 Israel – The Seed of Abraham

07 Israel – The Challenge of Carnality

08 Israel – The Land of Abraham

09 Israel – Heir of the New Covenant

10 Israel – God’s Present Beloved Enemy

11 Israel – In Need of the Prodigal Son’s Love

Appendix A – An Exposition of Zechariah 14

Appendix B – An Exposition of Romans 9-11

Appendix C – A Synthesis of Romans 11, Galatians 6, Ephesians 2, Hebrews 8, I Peter 2, and the Future of Israel

Appendix D – God’s Preeminent Dealing with National Israel – Grace or Law? – S. H. Wilkinson

Appendix E – Jonathan Edwards and the Future of Israel

Appendix F – C. H. Spurgeon and the Future of Israel

Appendix G – J. C. Ryle and the Future of Israel

Appendix H – Horatius Bonar and the Future of Israel

Appendix I – The Jew by Horatius Bonar

Appendix J – “Jesus Was a Jew” The Times (London), 2 April 1983

Appendix K- “Christians who hate the Jews” The Spectator, 16 Feb 2002

Appendix L – Theodore Herzl Meets Pope Pius X

Appendix M – The Allegorization of the Bible – Abraham Joshua Heschel

Appendix N – The Sinaitic and Abrahamic Covenants Compared – Daniel Dow

Appendix O – Twenty Facts about Israel and the Middle East

Appendix P – An Annotated Bibliography on Israel in Church History