Judeo-centric Premillennialism – Concerning Christ’s Pre-Millennial Advent

This volume was originally titled Prophetical Landmarks, containing data for helping to determine the question of Christ’s premillennial advent. However, a more contemporary title has been added which emphasizes the author’s strong conviction that the truth concerning Israel is at the heart of biblical eschatology. This principle is stated on page 111 in the chapter entitled “Israel,” which is substantially the largest in this volume. Here we read that, “the prophecies concerning Israel are the key to all the rest. True principles of interpretation, in regard to them, will aid us in disentangling and illustrating all prophecy together. False principles as to them will most thoroughly perplex and overcloud the whole Word of God.” Hence, “Judeo-centric Premillennialism” is a most appropriate title for an era that increasingly bears witness to Bonar’s contention.

00 Introduction and Prefaces

01 The Call to Prophetic Study

02 The Use of Prophetic Study

03 The Purpose of God

04 The Two Centers

05 The Interval

06 The Advent

07 Proofs of a Pre-Millennial Advent

08 Difficulties

09 Outlines of Prophetic Study

10 Distribution of Times and Events

11 The Prophetic Style

12 The Types

13 Israel

14 Antichrist

15 The Signs