Exposition – The Epistle to the Romans

Paul’s Epistle to the Romans is arguably the quintessential book of the whole Bible when it comes to discovering the Christian gospel in its most clear, profound, and soul expanding expression.  Therefore it is not surprising that the corridors of Christian church history have become strewn with exultant testimonies concerning the glorious message of reigning grace that this inspired jewel of Scripture so magnifies.

Dr. J. I Packer has commented that: “All roads in the Bible are seen most clearly from Romans, and when the message of  Romans gets into a man’s heart there is no telling what may happen.”  The reason for this dynamic effect is, to quote Paul, his declaration that the gospel “is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes” (Romans 1:16).


00 Title, Contents, and Introduction

01 1:1-7 Salutation in the Gospel

02 1:8-15 Introduction to the Gospel

03 1:16-17 Theme, the Gospel of the Righteousness of God

04 1:18-3:20 The Unrighteousness of Man, the Bad News

05 3:21-31 The Righteousness of God, the Good News

06 4:1-25 The Old Testament Confirmation of the Gospel

07 5:1-21 The Reign of Grace over the Reign of Sin

08 6:1-23 The Reign of Grace and Sanctified Liberation

09 7:1-25 The Reign of Grace and the Law

10 8:1-39 The Reign of Grace through the Spirit of the Gospel

11 9:1-33 The Gospel and Israel’s Election

12 10:1-21 The Gospel and Israel’s Defection

13 11:1-36 The Gospel and Israel’s Salvation

14 12:1-15:33 The Gospel and its Responsibilities

15 16:1-24 Farewell Greetings in the Gospel

16 16:25-27 Farewell Benediction in the Gospel