Exposition – The Epistle to the Galatians

It is not too extreme a statement to declare that when western civilization as a whole is considered, and its peculiar characteristic of freedom that medieval generations and prior did not enjoy, the essential nerve of this movement must be accredited to the Reformation, hence Martin Luther, hence Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians.

History has indicated time and time again that when the gospel of the free grace of God is gradually neglected, then tyranny incrementally takes its place. But when that same gospel surges forth once again, then a whole movement of emancipation follows under the familiar term of revival. This should lead us to reverently ponder once again, at a most personal level, exactly what the heart of this Epistle is all about. If God graciously wills, rather than pour out judgment upon America, He may be pleased to refresh us yet again with liberation from our bondage to self and sin and shame.


00 Title, Contents, Translation, Introduction

01 1:1-5 Introduction of Paul’s Gopel Message

02 1:6-10 Paul’s Rebuke of the Galatian Heresy

03 1:11-2:21 Paul’s Vindication of his Gospel Ministry

04 3:1-4:31 Paul’s Vindication of Gospel Sanctification

05 5:1-6:10 Paul’s Vindication of Liberty Living

06 6:11-18 Conclusion: Encapsulation of Paul’s Message, Essay, Bibliography