The Attributes of God

In this modern pluralistic society, when the name of God is so frequently demeaned, nothing is more important than an understanding of God’s glorious revelation of Himself, as distinct from man’s futile attempts to discover and represent God. Even in evangelical Christianity, the understanding of God is so shriveled and abstract that it is not surprising the gospel proclaimed is shriveled as a result.

Further, churches conduct themselves in the light of this low view of God and thus have lost that right holy awe which characterizes the response of those in the Bible who have drawn close to Him, the wonders of His grace notwithstanding.


01 Title and Preface (Pages i-x)

02 Introduction (Pages 1-20)

03 The Holiness of God (Pages 21-43)

04 The Righteousness of God (Pages 44-55)

05 The Goodness of God (Pages 56-62)

06 The Benevolence of God (Pages 63-66)

07 The Grace of God (Pages 67-84)

08 The Longsuffering of God (Pages 85-94)

09 The Mercy of God (Pages 95-99)

10 The Sovereignty of God (Pages 100-125)

11 The Infinity of God (Pages 126-159)

12 The Personal Being of God (Pages 160-202)

13 The Personality of God – communicated, designated, radiated (Pages 203-245)

14a Conclusion – Introduction (Pages 246-255)

14b Conclusion – God’s Attributes and biblical preaching (Pages 256-261)

14c Conclusion – God’s Attributes and prayer (Pages 262-284)

14d Conclusion – God’s Attributes and authentic evangelism (Pages 285-294)

14e Conclusion – God’s Attributes and justification by faith (Pages 295-300)

14f Conclusion – God’s Attributes and Christian music (Pages 301-311)

14g Conclusion – God’s Attributes and local church maturity (Pages 312-317)

14h Conclusion God’s Attributes and Christian maturity (Pages 318-322)