Bunyan’s Works

For over 150 years the accepted edition of The Works of John Bunyan has been that edited by George Offor. More recently Oxford University Press has published a revised estimate of Bunyan’s Works that has both inclusion and exclusion with regard to Offor’s collection. This scholarly labor has contributed much toward a better appreciation of Bunyan’s gospel motivated writings, though its cost is prohibitive for the average student of the Bedford tinker. Further, while it includes the more recently discovered Profitable Meditations, yet the exclusion of Reprobation Asserted rests upon arguments that this writer and others have disputed. On the other hand the exclusion as well of An Exhortation To Peace And Unity and Scriptural Poems does appear to have more in its support.

Hence, The Banner of Truth Trust, in more recently publishing the George Offor edition at a very reasonable price, is to be commended. Here also, with the advent of electronic publishing, these same three volumes are now available for the public in general. While copying of the various PDF files is permissible for personal use, no reproduction for multiple and commercial publication is allowed without the written permission of Dr. Barry Horner.


Heartfelt appreciation is expressed to Mount Zion Bible Church, Pensacola, Florida, for the provision of the raw text of The Works of John Bunyan from which the following layouts originated. The task of word processing was long and laborious. To those in particular who toiled in this regard, grateful thanks are also offered.

Visit the pages below to read or download pdf copies of  Bunyan’s Works:

Bunyan’s Works Volume I

Bunyan’s Works Volume II

Bunyan’s Works Volume III