The third edition of The Pilgrim’s Progress, published in 1679, appears to have been the first printing with any illustration. It included what is now known as “the sleeping portrait” which depicted not only Bunyan in a dreaming pose, but also Christian journeying from the City of Destruction toward the Wicket-gate.

Subsequent editions have produced a seemingly endless variety of illustrations and graphic representations, also with regard to The Holy War, that in general must be attributed to Bunyan’s stimulation of artistic imagination. Dr. Horner has continued to collect any volumes that display this artistry and anticipates the display of many distinctive drawings, engravings, etc., along with colorized versions, and CD availability.

There is also in process of development a Children’s Coloring Book that will provide an enjoyable challenge for the young who so eagerly appreciate the illustrations as a helpful supplement to Bunyan’s writings.

Pilgrim’s Progress (Part I, 23 Scenes)

Pilgrim’s Progress (Part I, 59 Characters) – Charles Bennett

Pilgrim’s Progress (Part II, 22 Scenes)

Pilgrim’s Progress (Part II, 16 Characters) – Charles Bennett

The Holy War (48 Scenes)

Divine Emblems (49)

John Bunyan and Miscellaneous (15)