Articles & Outlines

The following articles and outlines by Dr Horner are for individual perusal, but not general distribution or publication. Constructive interaction and criticism are welcome.


The Neglected Gospel of John Bunyan – The Journal of Biblical Apologetics, 3rd Edition, 2001

The Passion of the Christ by Mel Gibson – Reasons why it is an invalid gospel medium

The Christian and the New Covenant – The New Covenant of Christ supercedes the Old Covenant of Moses

The Christian and Sovereign Grace – The Sovereignty of God in Relation to the Gospel

The Christian and the Law – The New Administration of Christ supercedes the Old Administration of Moses


John Bunyan as a Husband, Father and Family Man – Sovereign Grace Baptist Church, Rio Rico , 2006

The Counseling Resources of The Pilgrim’s Progress – Metropolitan Tabernacle, Pastor’s Conference, 2000