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     Bunyan Ministries focuses on the influential writings of John Bunyan through a variety of means that have been initiated by Dr. Barry E. Horner.  For many years, his seminars and published writings have illumined the biblical truth that the Bedford tinker has so attractively represented. Here details of this evangelical ministry are now available, including The Works of John Bunyan in a format similar to that of the three volume edition edited by George Offor and now published by The Banner of Truth Trust

     Dr. Horner's purpose is the communication of gospel truth, and not merely academic concerns that have captured the attention of many at a scholarly level. Dr. Horner is also pastor of Christ's New Covenant Church, Tucson, Arizona, where he maintains a comprehensive expository preaching ministry of the Word of God. 

Ministry Support & Development

     Over a number of years, Bunyan Ministries has grown into the premier web site that honors the ministry and writings of the esteemed tinker of Bedford. Being a product of the seminar and writing ministry of Dr. Horner, recognition has come from around the world concerning the spiritual profit that has resulted. Further development of this web site is planned, including audio readings of The Pilgrim's Progress by Dr. Horner according to his Accurate Revised Text, and yes, with a slight Australian twang! Other readings of Bunyan's writings are anticipated. Then there will be further colorization of some of the older classic illustrations. Refer to the Graphics section, Miscellaneous, 12 and 13, as recent additions. Would you join us in prayer that God's blessing might continue to be upon this ministry?

     However, there are also increasing financial needs that Dr. Horner has to consider in the perpetuation of this ministry. As a result, should you feel led to support Bunyan Ministries financially, your gift would be especially appreciated. For further inquiries in this regard, do feel free to call Dr. Horner at (520) 867-6163, email him at barryhorner@cox.net, or write to his home address, 15848 S. Via Puente del Valle, Sahuarita, AZ 85629.


     "Well then sinner, what sayest thou? Where is thy heart? Wilt thou run? Art thou resolved to strip? Get into the way; run apace and hold out to the end; and the Lord give thee a prosperous journey. Farewell," 

- John Bunyan

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